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ROO BONE is the kangaroo arm bone with small amount of meat and excellent for teething cleaning. It is the ideal long lasting dental chew for small or medium dogs.   


ROO BONE is hypoallergenic and great for dogs with sensitive tummies. It is also very lean (less than 10% fat).


Manufactured and packed in Australia from 100% Australian kangaroo arm bone.


Single-ingredient product that is free of nasty additives and preservatives, no added sugar or colour.  


Product Details 

  • Single ingredient: 100% Australian kangaroo arm bone
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Low fat (less than 10%)
  • Long lasting dental for small or medium dogs
  • Free of nasty additives and preservatives
  • No added sugar or colour
  • Treat size: average 15 – 20cm long and 3 – 4cm thick
  • Weight: average 100 - 120g each



To store the treats safely, please make sure the treat bags are completely sealed after opening and stored them in dry, cool place.  


**ROO BONE should be given as treats only, and cannot replace a complete diet**

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