About Us

Welcome to My Little Puppy!

Started in the heart of Sydney by a team of 2 dog crazy ladies, Kris and Vicky (we prefer to call ourselves "Fur Powered Dog mums"), it all started with a vision and our love for our furbabies who, to us, will forever be our little babies. 

Here at My Little Puppy, our love for our dogs drives who we are and what we do. 

Our furbabies deserve the very best which is why we carry only brands we truly believe in. And that is how My Little Puppy was born - a Pet Boutique with a collection of dog accessories, quality toys and all natural dog treats, and not forgetting dog-related products for the loving dog owners.

We are passionate about what goes into our products and the brands in our store. As we strive to give our furbabies the best possible life and home, the brands in our pet boutique complement one another to help our puppers to play better, eat healthier and feel happier.



To inspire other owners to choose wisely when it comes to feeding, and spoiling their dogs with quality and fun toys. 



- Butter, the Frenchie;
- Elmo, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel;
- Abby, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

- Kris : 16 years of being a dogmum to 4 dogs so far (with the oldest who is now 16 years old) and currently runs a doggy daycare and boarding business. Nanny to countless dogs. Lives and breathes dogs (fur).

- Vicky : Loving owner to 6 cats thus far, and now a proud Frenchie dog mum. My chemistry background definitely helps My Little Puppy to deeply grill all the ingredients of our treats to ensure there is no nasties like preservatives and addictives.


All of our treats are taste tested and toys paws approved by our dogs:-

  • Butter, a typical frenchie with a sensitive tummy. He is the perfect food taster to make sure other food-sensitive dogs friends like him will have no issues eating our treats. Butter also made use of his strong jaws to test out the durability of our toys.
  • Elmo & Abby, being gentle cavaliers, made sure we do not forget to cater treats and toys for other smaller and gentle dogs like them.  


As we are just beginning to build our brand, please join us on this exciting journey to grow with us as a family who love our puppers deeply. We love what we do so we hope you do too. 

And let's face it, Happy Pups = Happy Life. :)


Love and Puppy Cuddles,

Kris, Vicky, Butter, Elmo & Abby


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